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A recipe for healthy electrical installations – Quattro Foods, Portsmouth

Already providing HVAC & refrigeration installation and servicing for Quattro Foods, it was this established working relationship that led the bespoke recipe developer and producer to approach DCI’s Electrical division to undertake the Periodic Test and Inspection of its electrical installation, also known as an EICR inspection.

The challenge

Residential, commercial & industrial properties and business premises are required through HSE legislation to ensure their facilities are safe to use by carrying out regular checks and tests on the  hard-wired installation as well as any equipment and portable appliances.

For commercial / light industrial premises such as Quattro, a complete inspection and test is advised to be carried out every five years to ensure due diligence and optimal safety. This can consist either of a 100% EICR every 5 years or can be broken down to rolling programmes of 20% EICRs every year. Using the latter method ensures that the installation is checked once a year for faults.

Quattro Foods Ltd began trading in 2010 and, led by Sam Brower, Managing Director, the company has enjoyed consistent year on year growth; however, the company had outdated electrical records due to the installation constantly and rapidly evolving to meet the business’ needs.

The solution

Through meticulous work and efforts to minimise the disruption to Quattro’s operations, DCI conducted a comprehensive root and branch investigation of the building’s electrical installation starting from all sources of supply and continuing as far as possible to the end of every sub-main and final circuit.

Due to Quattro’s business expansion, its electrical installation had become a victim of the company’s success. At the time of testing and to maintain business operations, Quattro was reliant on four sources of supply including one DNO mains and two generators in parallel.

Unable to immediately resolve Quattro’s electrical supply problems, DCI focussed instead on the safety of the building’s internal wiring and improving the found issues.


DCI was able to improve the immediate safety of Quattro’s electrical installation and ensure compliance with regulations.

In the time since the EICR and remedial works, DCI has regularly attended to Quattro’s other needs – both Electrical and Mechanical.

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