City architects choose DCI for HVAC

City Architects choose DCI for cool design

The project

Moving into its new Docklands HQ, architects Rivington Street Studio turned to DCI to design an HVAC system cool enough for its award-winning practice.

The challenge

With the new-build premises being home to the practice’s 35 staff as well as a meeting place and showcase for its prestigious clients, the new HVAC system had to fit with the building’s aesthetic while delivering efficient performance – in line with the client’s commitment to practicality, functionality and sustainable technologies. Additionally, the site’s situation meant plant had to be internal with minimal intrusion into valuable working space.

The solution

Working closely with the client and providing detailed designs and drawings at every stage, DCI devised a system perfectly balancing fresh air, extraction and air conditioning. Pipework, cabling,
outlets and inlets were carefully designed to fit the overall look and feel. The internal plant room specification was calculated meticulously to ensure the exact air flow for the VRV units and sufficient maintenance room while intruding as little as possible into office space.


An appreciation of the client’s vision for the space, combined with careful design and equipment specifcations resulted in a solution that complements the space both in form and function.

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