New HVAC for Hobbs the Printers Ltd

“Stop the press” – not on DCI’s watch

The project

Working alongside building engineering consultants Ramboll, DCI was appointed to renew the HVAC system for busy Southampton firm – Hobbs the Printers Ltd.

The challenge

As a 24 hour operation printing time-critical materials, Hobbs could not afford interruption to its presses meaning DCI had to work cleverly and carefully to install the new HVAC system it designed specially for the two-floor premises.

The solution

Over the 3 month project, careful consideration was given to staff and heavy printing machinery while DCI installed five Daikin VRV units, four Daikin spit units outdoors. Inside, 25 units were fitted including high static ducted units, round flow cassettes, wall mounts, four-way blow units and under ceiling units. The supply and extract system features custom made attenuators and filters and, as part DCI’s total service, it also undertook all electrical work to connect both outdoor and indoor equipment as well as control wiring which links to a  centralised controller cleverly integrated with the existing BMS system. A Daikin iTouch controller provides the client with easy monitoring and adjustment.


The combination of DCI’s system design, careful forward planning and considerate working methods ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience for the client while its business continued as normal. Impressed with this, Hobbs has contracted DCI to provide ongoing service and maintenance.


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