DCI has completes more HVAC work for Hobbs The Printers

Impressing the printers – two more times! – Hobbs The Printers Ltd, Southampton

The project

Having already renewed the HVAC system and provided ongoing service and maintenance for Southampton firm Hobbs the Printers, DCI was asked back to undertake two further projects.

The first continued on from the original works and required the decommissioning and removal of mechanics and electrics for the company’s old water fan coil units within the office area. An additional ducted unit system was also installed requiring services, ductwork and electrical work to integrate with the previously installed VRV system and its centralised iTouch control system.

The third project involved the decommissioning of two further old air conditioning systems and installation of a new mini VRV system.

The challenge

As a 24-hour operation, Hobbs asked DCI to deliver the projects while keeping the client’s office functions live.

The solution

Paying careful attention to the Hobbs’s needs, DCI devised a work plan to minimise disruption, working closely with the client to ensure not only that its business was not interrupted but that health and safety of both client staff and DCI engineers was never compromised.


Despite the operational challenges, the two additional and complex projects were delivered within the agreed timescale and smoothly handed over to the client’s operational team.

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