New cold room for expanding food producer – Higgidy Ltd, West Sussex

The project

Growing food producer Higgidy Ltd needed a new dispatch chiller cold room within its new storage facility that forms part of the company’s expansion project in West Sussex.


The challenge

Serving as a holding space for products awaiting dispatch, the cold room needs to maintain the ideal temperature range as efficiently as possible while servicing frequent collections and deliveries.


The solution

Meeting the requirement for operation between +2 and +4 degrees centigrade, DCI designed and built a pack system, utilising Bitzer reciprocating compressors featuring capacity control. To maximise internal floor space DCI positioned the pack system on a gantry at high level, with anti-vibration fixings. DCI utilised Guntner evaporator fans fitted with streamers to provide better air throw over the space and, in keeping with the low noise goals for the project, attention was paid to minimising sound generated by the fans.



Working to keep Higgidy’s range of fresh pies, quiches and pastry roll products in peak condition while awaiting transport, DCI’s solution is both energy efficient and compact.


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