DCI upgrades climate control Ramboll, Southampton

Office ventilation & BMS upgrade – Ramboll UK, Southampton

The project

The UK division of Ramboll, a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company, needed to improve the efficiency and management of climate control within its Southampton office in Hampshire.

The challenge

DCI identified that fluctuating occupancy levels, solar gain, tired air handling units and obsolete control devices were resulting in poor comfort levels for the staff and inefficient system operation.

The solution

DCI specified and installed new fresh air handling with higher volume capacities to cope with the required personnel levels. Additional Building Management System (BMS)
zone controllers were installed to monitor both temperature and CO2 levels, automatically increasing airflow and opening windows in proportion to the requirement for cooled fresh air
due to solar gain and changing occupancy.

Floor grilles were repositioned and added too, coping with increased airflow and helping to optimise both the cooling and heating efficiency of the system.


DCI’s holistic design approach has created a system that not only features high efficiency equipment but also marries this with improved and automated controls with associated logic. The result is a climate control system which is not only more cost-effective to run but also ensures comfort and excellent air quality for the Ramboll staff at this location.

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