Southern Co-op gets UK’s first CUBO2 Smart installation

Performance, efficiency and environment-friendliness

With the UK’s first installation of a CUBO2 Smart DX CO2 condensing unit system, DCI has helped Southern Co-op meet its aspired performance and efficiency while delivering on the business’s commitment to forward thinking and green technology.

Currently serving the chiller cold room in one of Southern Co-op’s flagship stores at Abbotswood, Hampshire, the new CO2 system was designed and installed as part of a collaborative project between DCI, Southern Co-op and the distributors of SCM Frigo units HRP.

DCI used its considerable expertise and experience in CO2 refrigeration systems to create a solution that overcomes industry concerns over the uncertainty of higher GWP refrigerants and F-Gas legislation.

With its low GWP, just 1 on the scale, CO2 (R744) is a natural refrigerant classed as future-proof for cooling applications. While the use of CO2 in the industry spans decades, DCI applies the latest technology and techniques to achieve the best possible performance and efficiency. CUBO2 Smart DX CO2 condensing units from HRP/SCM Frigo boast a DC brushless rotary compressor, 25% – 100% inverter modulation, Carel Hecu control systems, EC fans, floating suction, condensing pressure set point and BMS communication.

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