Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems are used primarily to improve operational and energy efficiencies within a building and allow for a simpler mode of day to day facility management. DCI has gained enormous experience in designing and providing building management systems for a major UK convenience store chain and the use of these systems has allowed a truly unique method of non-stop monitoring and a control solution for all key building systems. BMS panels can be retro fitted as well as provided to a new development.

Convenience Retail Applications

Developed for a major convenience retailer, the DCI BMS provides a single point of view and control for the buildings refrigeration plant, air conditioning, ventilation and extraction, main store/warehouse lighting and other ancillary electrical equipment such as bake-off ovens. Via remote access or through direct engineer contact we can adjust set-points, schedule automatic events and monitor system health and efficiency. This close control helps generate energy savings across all key building systems, which ultimately saves money for the client.