Heat Pumps

Energy efficient air to water heat pump systems can reduce both your costs and environmental impact by providing heating/cooling and hot water from the latent heat in the atmosphere.

At DCI we work with clients to tailor-make heat pump solutions, that optimise performance and efficiency, whatever the premises.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps remove latent heat from the ambient air in the environment, providing a sustainable heat source even when outside temperatures drop below freezing.  This type of system consumes much less electrical energy than the heat  they generate, allowing heat pumps to enjoy much lower running costs compared to more traditional heating solutions.

Due to the remarkable efficiencies of this type of system, manufacturers have adopted the technology as a milestone and will continue to develop this as an infinitely renewable energy resource.

At DCI we work with premium manufacturers to provide cost-effective solutions utilising heat pump technology, expertly install them within clients’ premises, and ensure all project requirements are met within the budget.