To enhance the working environment and to meet current building regulations, the provision of supply and extract air fans is essential for the removal of stale air from, and for the provision of fresh clean air to, new and existing buildings.  The majority of ventilation system designs are unique to the needs of the building and the users within it.  Our design team has vast experience of the requirements of system design and installation, so you can rely on us to keep your buildings and people comfortable.

Standard Extract & Supply

Our design team works hard to ensure that ventilation system designs are exact for individual project requirements and that they meet all statutory regulations.  With the provision of 3d and 2d drawings and other technical information the completed solution for clients’ premises are well designed, sensibly installed and fully balanced and commissioned to meet  operational needs.

We utilise various components within a system design, from incorporating a wide selection of diffusers and intake grills to spiral or flexi ducting, or even bespoke manufactured ducting to suit your specific project requirements.

Air Handling Units

Air handling units (AHUs) are designed to supply and circulate air around a building or to extract stale air as part of a building’s HVAC system. By passing the supply air through the AHU, it is filtered and either heated or cooled dependent upon need.  In addition, heat from extract air can also be removed and reused in supply air to reduce energy needs.

AHU’s are often connected to central plant, heating elements or direct expansion refrigeration units built into the handler.  The complexity of an AHU is entirely dependent on its desired use and the building/area it has to serve.

At DCI, we work with many AHU manufacturers and can produce a system design and installation scheme to meet with your exacting project requirements.

Ductwork Cleaning & Maintenance

The provision of fresh air into structures is the key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions within the building environment. Ductwork cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep heating and ventilation systems clean.

Over time all duct systems become fouled and dirty – the severity of the contamination can be attributed to a number of differing factors. However, it is possible to deal with these issues through a sensible programme of hygienic  maintenance to all components within the system design.  We are pleased to provide this valuable service to keep your key ductwork networks in a clean and serviceable condition.